Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

As part of our spring break trip to Memphis last week we stopped by Nashville on our way home.  My friend Tiffany lives there with her husband Matt, little girl Presley and sweet baby boy Levi.  We met them for lunch then headed to the park to let the kids run off some energy.
  Tiffany is originally from Memphis and we actually grew up in the same youth group but didn't run in the same circles.  She and her husband moved to Cincy about three years ago.  We reconnected while they were here and loved spending time with them.  Sadly they were only here for less than a year before Matt's job moved them to Nashville.  

The boys had the best time playing.  Ryan and Presley ran around like wild things at the park while colton tried to catch up.  Presley kept asking if we were spending the night with them.  She was dying for a sleepover!  Levi is just the cutest baby, next to my babies of course ;).  He is 8 months old and has the sweetest personality.  He is SO cute and has the prettiest blue eyes!

We came back to their house to let the babies sleep.  Ryan and Presley stayed up and played.  

I am obsessed with Nashville right now.  Love, love, love it.  My dream is to move there.  I love and miss the south!  Nashville is such a fun and happening city.  It was fun to see and spend time with Tiffany and her family and see part of Nashville.  Miss them and can't wait to see them again.  

Thursday, after we got back, was Ryan's preschool Easter party.  He was so excited to see all his friends.  

Ryan was super excited that daddy came to his party.  Just one of the perks of Matt in school full time is he can come to stuff at Ryan's school.  I love that he has taken Ryan to school some and even helped me take boxes of cookies to the post office.  

How cute are all these little bunnies in their hats?  For some reason Ryan was not keen on wearing his bunny hat but did it for a picture.  It was a fun day and I'm so glad we got to spend time with our favorite three year old.  

Yesterday Colton had Little Gym.  The little man was excited to play with all his friends.  He always has the best time playing.  Look at him relaxing like he owns the place.  

Ryan played on the train table the whole time Colton was in class.  He was so good.  When Colton and I came out of class I couldn't find Ryan.  I looked up and saw him sitting with the next class in the gym.  He was sitting there like he belonged.  Hilarious!  My first thought was embarrassment then I knew I was going to have to break his heart and tell him he wasn't in that class.  Thankfully he was good about it and only took a little coaxing.  

He is not enrolled in a little gym class right now but I did sign him up for a few camp days this summer.  He will love it. 

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Tiff said...

YAY! We made the blog! LOL
It was SO great to see you all, too!! :) thanks for the sweet compliments.. i agree, Levi is a cutie pie! :)