Monday, January 19, 2015

Sad but Joyous


Sadly my sweet Granny passed away this past Friday 1/16 afternoon.  It's sad because we will miss her dearly but joyous because she had an amazing 95 years on this earth and now she gets to be reunited in heaven with her loving husband, my Papaw, who passed 20 years ago.  

Not many people make it to see 95 and I'm so thankful she did had a beautiful and long life.  She was my last grandparent and the only one to meet my kids.  The picture above is of my granny and my cousin Amber a few years ago.  

My Granny loved her family, her friends, crossword puzzles, reading, and her passion was quilting.  She loved to quilt and always looked forward to quilting with her friends.  I'm so thankful to have some of her beautiful quilts around our house.  

We traveled to Memphis on Saturday to celebrate her beautiful life.  It was great to see some relatives and show Matt and the boys my granny and papaw's home where I spent so many weekends and holidays.  Such a big part of my childhood.  

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