Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday

I had every intention of blogging more this week but I was just not into it and chose to relax during nap time and nightly on the couch.  I'm 31 weeks but feel more like 36, ha!  I'm tired, uncomfortable and feel huge.  I am SO thankful for this baby and an uneventful pregnancy.  Praying for health and some comfort for the next eight weeks.  

1.  I finally got my haircut last weekend before heading to Memphis.  It hasn't been cut since back in August and IT WAS TIME!!!  I'm still trying to grow it out so just got a little trim.  A friend recommended this cute little boutique super close to our house.  It was just the perfect freshening up I needed.

I saw this sign in the little store and thought it was perfect!  I think I need to go back and get it!  

2.  Colton doesn't have school on Friday's so I get to spend some precious one on one time with this cutie pie.  I usually go to the gym then he helps me run errands and we grab lunch before picking up Ryan at school.  He is so good and so easy when it's just him.  I love spending this sweet time with just him as the baby before baby Sydney comes in just a couple of months.  

3.  This sweet five and a half year old complained (more like cried hysterically) that his throat hurt after school on Wednesday.  I totally started thinking strep throat since he didn't have any other symptoms.  A lot of his classmates have been out sick this week too.  He didn't have a fever and thankfully after some tylenol and a glass of milk he said he felt all better.  I keep asking him but he says it doesn't hurt anymore.  Hope that's all the sickness we see for a while.

4.  I am completely and over the top obsessed with Etsy.  I know, shocker right?  Mostly I have bibs and burp clothes and a few onesies in my shopping cart but there are a few nursery items in there too. 

  I'm been in full on nesting mode getting the nursery ready for Sydney.   Both the boys have life verses hung up in their rooms.  It's something I always want them to have and be able to look to for encouragement and direct them toward Jesus.  We both want to always cover them in prayer and God's word.  

I had been thinking about a life verse for Sydney and I couldn't stop thinking about this verse in Zephaniah.  My favorite part is where it says "He will rejoice over you with singing".  How cool is that?  God rejoices over us with song!!!  I found this printable verse with her nursery colors and knew it was perfect.  I'm going to matte it in a big white matte and frame (since her walls will be light blue/aqua).  I will love seeing this in her room every day.  

5.  Resting and relaxing with my boys.  I've pretty much hung up my apron and cookie decorating bags until April.  (Unless I get a burst of energy for some Valentine's Day cookies)  I'm doing good to get dinner on the table each night, ha.  It's just too hard with baby moving all over my belly and it's exhausting.   I want to enjoy these next couple of months with just my boys!  And stock pile as much sleep as I can!

As soon as I sit down everyone wants to sit in my lap including and especially Annabelle and Gracie.   This was one afternoon this week when everyone wanted in my lap.  And you can't see Gracie under the blanket under Annabelle.  There is not enough of momma to go around.  

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