Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Monday

I have been so bad about taking pictures lately.  I had Matt remind me to take pictures after church yesterday and take a maternity picture of me.  Baby Sydney is not going to have many pictures of her in my belly, haha.  Guess that's baby #3 for ya.  I think I'm the same size I was with Colton but I just don't want (or have time) to take weekly pictures this time around.  

I will have to find some comparison pictures and will post a baby update this week.  

We had a productive and quiet weekend.  We took down all the Christmas decorations and packed them away in the attic until next year.  It feels so bare and empty now but it feels clean.  I'm so glad to have it all put away.  

Now it's time to start getting out all the baby stuff, ugh.  I am SO SO SO thrilled to be having a baby but I hate how cluttered your house gets with all that comes with a baby, like the bassinet, swing, bouncy seat, high chair blah blah blah!  At least this time when it comes out of the attic it won't be going back in!  I am so nesting and ready to get Sydney's room all ready for her!  Eeek!!!!

And Matt introduced the boys (mainly Ryan) to the Wii this weekend.  Ryan LOVED it and really likes golf and bowling!  They have asked no less than 10 times today to play games.  I just tell them they have to wait til daddy gets home, I don't know how to turn it on (even though I do, hahaha).  

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Chelley N said...

We are 100% in preparing for baby mode now, too. And yes, the clutter is a little much (especially since we're having twins this time!) But, I'm so thrilled to have the privilege of having more babies!