Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Ryan!

Ryan turned FIVE years old on Sunday, June 15.  We decided to celebrate by taking the boys to the Columbus Zoo.  

Ryan told me last week he wanted to help me make his birthday cake so on Saturday he helped me out in the kitchen.  

I'm pretty sure his favorite part was licking the beater.  

We all got cleaned up and took Ryan out to dinner to celebrate his birthday.  He chose Chuy's, yum yum!  

Colton loved celebrating too. 

Instead of ice cream this kiddo wanted a cupcake so after dinner we headed over to Gigi's for a birthday cupcake.  

The boys split a chocolate cupcake, their favorite.  

On Sunday, at 6:36AM our sweet Ryan Samuel turned FIVE years old.  It's hard to believe he is five and been in our lives for five years now.  Some days it seems like yesterday we had just brought him home from the hospital and other days it's hard to remember life before him.  

We started out our morning with birthday doughnuts, always a favorite!  

After donuts we loaded up and headed to Columbus to the zoo.  The boys were super excited to go to the zoo.  

The boys couldn't wait to see some animals.  

Our first stop were the flamingo's Ryan had been saying in the car he couldn't wait to see flamingo's, gorillas and giraffes.  

It was also a special day because it was Father's day!  Ryan and Colton adore their daddy.  We are so thankful for him and all he does for our family.  

We went in the reptile house and Ryan got to pet a snake, YUCK!!!!!

Cannot believe how big this boy is getting.  

My favorite animal to see at the zoo!  Love these beautiful creatures!  They are gorgeous.  

The highlight of the day was the train ride.  

They couldn't wait to ride the train.  It was worth the wait and they LOVED it.  They are still talking about it.  

And this was the ride home.  These boys were plum tuckered out.  We walked a ton and it was hot.  They slept most of the hour and a half drive home.  

We got home in the afternoon and rested and a little before heading to Papau and Yaiya's for dinner and birthday cake.  It was a fantastic day celebrating our big boy!  

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