Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fun with Friends

So we have been to Kings Island twice now.  The boys love KI and have a blast.  We headed to KI last Thursday with our friend Bret and his sweet momma Jennifer.  

These three were so silly and funny together.  They crack me up.  Ryan and Colton ask if we are seeing Bret almost every day.  We usually see him weekly at CFA but we also love to hang at their neighborhood pool.  

Sweet little Colton was in the back on a lot of rides but he didn't care and was having so much fun!  

This was my favorite ride to watch these two.  It goes in a circle but around the corners it goes fast. Their faces around the first corner was hilarious.  

And for the last ride of the day Ryan and Colton rode the superman ride.  I had to do some serious convincing to get Ryan on the ride but after like 10 min he finally climbed on.  He white nuckled it the whole time.  When he got off he said "mommy, I was only a little scared" while showing me with his little fingers. Love him! 

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