Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

We got about 2-3 inches of snow on Saturday morning so we kept our pj's on and stayed warm inside.  The roads cleared up by noon.  We watched movies and I made cinnamon rolls.  The boys love looking at the snow but thankfully they don't ask to go out and play in it.  It was super windy and cold so it would not have been fun to play in.
Saturday night we met up with our old newly-married-couples small group for dinner and catching up.  We haven't all been together like this in a few years.  One couple changed churches and another couple moved to Connecticut for 3 years and are now back.  We were SO glad to get together and see everyone.  We had the best time and laughed our heads off.  They are all SO fun!  We miss them.  

Sunday was uneventful with church and lunch and naps at home.  I'm glad to see the last week of January however I'm sure the cold will stick around a lot longer, ugh!  I always feel like I can handle February because it's a short month.  It's single digit temps again this week so we will be staying warm inside and building lots of traffic jams and reading books. 

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