Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Weekend

Saturday we decided to take the boys bowling for the very first time.  I've wanted to take Ryan for a while but I knew I needed to wait until Colton was a little older.  Ryan was excited and couldn't wait to get started. 

Matt took the lead in showing Ryan how to bowl (between his legs) while I helped Colton.  About halfway through Ryan saw a neighbor kid using the ramp and decided he wanted one so we had them bring one over.  That was super helpful and all he had to do was push it off the ramp.  

Truth be told Colton had fun but about 4 rounds in he was only interested in a snack.  

 Ryan absolutely loved it and didn't want the game to end.  He had the best time and thought it was so fun!  We will definitely go back!  It's the perfect activity for a rainy and cold day!

Bowling sure worked up an appetite so we headed to Chuey's for a yummy lunch.  It was perfect and the boys did great!

Sunday night we went out with my in-laws to dinner since Matthew (Matt's step brother) and his girlfriend Hannah were in town visiting from California. 

The boys did pretty good considering we were there for over two hours.  

Papau was pretty entertaining for the boys.  It was a good night of fellowship and family time. 

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