Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

1.  Another Day at Home   
We had another unplanned day at home today!  Matt mistakenly took my car keys with him this morning.  He put them in his coat pocket last night and forgot to take them out.  We were dressed and about to walk out the door this morning when I couldn't find my keys.  I don't misplace my keys often so I immediately texted Matt to see if he knew where they were.  He offered to come back home and take Ryan to school but it's was snowing big time and I told him it would be pointless and just stay at school.  

2.  SNOW again!  
We had a little bit of snow yesterday but it didn't accumulate on the roads.  This morning it started snowing about 8:45, right before we were to leave for preschool, and it was coming down fast and a lot.  I was a little worried about driving in it but figured I would be ok.  I guess God knew we just needed to stay safe and warm at home today.  

3.  Colton's two and a half year check up
Yesterday Colton had his two and a half year check-up.  He weighed 25lbs (5th percentile) and 30 inches tall (20th percentile).  He is still a little peanut but he has a big personality.  He cracks us up all the time and keeps us laughing.  He is reaching all his milestones and is a growing and healthy little boy.  His speech is getting better by the day and we understand him more each day.  I'm amazed and how well he is talking these days.  We are SO thankful for an adorable, growing and healthy boy.  Such a blessing and we are so grateful. 

4.  Girls Night Out
Last night I had a special evening with some sweet friends to celebrate my dear friend Claudette (on the left) who is moving to Portland, Oregon next weekend.  We are thrilled for a great opportunity for their family and excited for their new adventure.  We are going to miss them at MOPS, the gym and just hanging out.  I am so thankful for Claudette's friendship.  She is so sweet and genuine!  We had a wonderful evening with lots of laughs and just a few tears.  

5.  Weekend
I'm looking forward to the weekend however we are set to get more snow!  Ugh!  How many days til spring?  I'm looking forward to making pancakes for the boys, having pizza night and catching up on some sleep.  

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Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

{Visiting from the link up :)} Praise God that your little boy is healthy and well! :) Glad you enjoyed a lovely night with your friends ... best wishes to your friend who is preparing to move. I can completely relate to your yearning for Spring! Cheers to the weekend!! Hope you enjoy a restful & cozy one ...staying warm as is possible ;)