Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Day

 Friday morning we woke up to school being canceled and an impending snow storm coming our way.  Matt was supposed to have a final on Friday but at the last minute they said the university would close at 1pm and his final was at 2pm.  Whew!!  I knew he wouldn't have any trouble getting to school, it was getting home after the 4-6 inches of snow they were predicting.  Thankful he could enjoy the snow day at home with us. 

It didn't start snowing until around noon.  This first picture was taken around 12:30 or so.  
This picture was taken around 3pm.  

This was taken around 5pm.  The snow was coming so fast. 

This is looking out our front door.  It almost looks like a Christmas card!

Thank the Lord the snow stopped around 10pm last night and the road crews were our working to clear the streets.  

After two days at home I was getting cabin fever.  Matt headed to a study group and the boys and I headed to the gym.  We stopped by CFA on the way home to grab some lunch.  So thankful for the gym and CFA today!

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