Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Fun

 My family has been here visiting over the holidays!  We have enjoyed spending some wonderful time with them.  

We took the whole family to see Frozen on Saturday.  The boys loved it and the rest of us thought it was a really cute movie.  

Sunday we went to church then out to lunch.

Matchy, matchy!!  Ryan and Nana matched in green while Grandad and Colton matched in blue!

Monday we hung around in our pi's all day and watched Christmas movies!  

On Christmas Eve Ryan helped me make a birthday cake for Jesus!  

Grandad helped too!  

We went to church for the Christmas Eve service then came home for pizza and to open presents from Nana, Grandad and Uncle Matt.  

The boys played and played with their new toys.  We finally got them down to bed to get ready for Santa!  

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