Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

We woke on Christmas morning to find that Santa had come.  
Santa brought Ryan a LeapPad2, a watch (which he asked Santa for), truck books, new construction sheets, peg game with number boards, a car caddy for on the go, Planes Movie and new police car and firetruck pajamas.

Santa brought Colton a new remote control fire truck, color board peg set, a caterpillar game, truck books, a train/car caddy and police car and fire truck pajamas.  

The boys were so excited to come down and see the surprises that Santa brought.  

Ryan was saying "the watch I asked Santa for!!!"  He was so excited!  

Colton loves his new fire truck remote control car.  Perfect gift for him.  

And this is the winner for the most favorite gift.  They have played and played forever with this racetrack my parents got them.  They fight over who is going to sit in the middle.  It is pretty neat.  You shake up these cars, put them on the track and they zoom around the track.  They LOVE it!

The boys also got more cars and a couple transporters.  They love anything to do with cars and trucks.  

After opening presents and playing with Santa gifts we finally sat down to eat some breakfast!  Yum waffles and doughnuts!

Christmas night we headed to Matt's parents house to celebrate.  The boys were munching on some salsa while I was trying to take a picture of them.  Colton leaned over to Ryan and said cheese, then Ryan leaned over to hug him.  Such sweet, sweet boys!!!

Matt and his sister Erin

Ryan was excited about his new lego set!

Thanks Aunt Erin for the drum set.

The boys loves opening presents at Papau and Yaya's house. 

Colton and Papau spending some quality time together.  

It was a wonderful Christmas day full of magic and thankfulness for the Savior who was born.  

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