Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Here Comes Santa Claus

 Tonight we took the boys to see Santa Claus at the mall!  They were excited!  We ate dinner at the food court before meeting the white bearded man.  

I was a little worried how Colton would do but he did a little better than I thought.  He was cool looking at Santa from afar but as soon as we got close he freaked a little and only wanted mommy.  He warmed up to him with a high five, then I picked him up and put him on Santa's lap.  

Here's the result!  I'll take it! =) 
 Ryan loved Santa and told him he wanted a watch for Christmas and some trucks.  Colton said he wanted a train - after a little prompting.  

After Santa we took Colton to build-a-bear.  Ryan made a puppy dog named Lucky a long time ago.  We thought it was the perfect time for Colton to build-a-bear.  He picked out Rudolph.  I tried to convince him to get a bear or puppy but he wanted Rudolph so that's what we got.  Colton loves him and was so excited!  The best part is his nose blinks red.

What a wonderful night full of sweet Christmas memories!

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