Friday, March 13, 2015

Wrapping up our week

The boys had "ugly bug week" at school all week.  They learned about all kinds of bugs then they ended the week with a "bug ball" parade.  I was really stressing about making and coming up with a costume this week...until I came across BED BUG on Pinterest!  Lord, save me!!!  This super pregnant woman did not want to go crafting and shopping for a bug costume.  Thank the Lord both the boys were excited to go as Bed Bugs!  

Thursday was my last kid free day for a long time, and I'm totally ok with that.  Blessed and thankful for every second of this pregnancy.  

Every girl needs a little pampering before it's time for a new baby.  I absolutely love a spa day and it felt SO good to relax and get a pedicure and brow wax.  So thankful for this "me" time before we meet baby Sydney next week!!!!  EEEEEEEKK!!!!!

The boys have spring break next week so I've been thinking and planning some fun things for us to do before their whole world changes.  I'm looking forward to spending some sweet time with just my boys next week!  

My other adorable "ugly bug" today ready for school!  

Ryan and the rest of his class!  They all looked so cute and buggy!  My boys have been so cute and so sweet.  They have been so great about allowing me time to rest and haven't been too demanding, ha!  They are so excited to meet their sister and get so excited when we talk about it!  I dream about and cannot wait to see them meet their baby sister for the first time.  

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