Monday, March 9, 2015

What's Up?

I know, I know, where have I been???  Goodness it's been boring and busy all at the same time!  So where do I start?

1.  Painting the nursery  
We finally got the nursery painted!!!  We only waited until the ninth month, haha!  Our amazing builder recommended a painter and they were able to paint the whole room in just 3 hours.  Seriously?!?  It would have taken me a week to paint it.  

The color is Sherwin Williams Aquatint and it turned out so pretty!  It looks fantastic and I can't wait to see it with the white drapes and colorful bedding.  The picture above is a sample of the bedding fabric.  It's still not ready yet but hoping it will be shipped this week! =)  

This is also her wooden monogram that will hang above her crib.  I LOVE the pink on the aqua walls.  

2. Nesting
I am totally nesting around here.  I'm been working on Sydney's room and organizing all her stuff.  Here beautiful furniture arrived on Friday and I LOVE it!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white with the aqua and pink.  It's so fresh and pretty.  

She is going to be camping out in our bedroom for a good while since our room is downstairs and hers is upstairs.  Even though she won't be sleeping in her room starting out, I still have wanted to organize things and put things in their place.  Her room is coming together, I can't wait to see it finished.  

3. Snow Days
Blah!!!  I sure hope this snow storm we got last week (about 3 inches) is the last one for the year!  School was cancelled Thursday and Friday, womb womb!  We did get out Friday and the roads were almost dry.  Thankfully the snow is all gone and it's only suppose to rain this week with temps in the 50's/60's!  Hallelujah!!!  We are looking forward to a full week of school before the boys are out on Spring Break next week!

4. The boys
The biggest boy has been super busy at work!  He is working so hard - only about five more weeks of busy season then he can breathe.  He worked both Saturday and Sunday and won't have a day off until the baby is here.  Bless him!  He is so amazing and we appreciate all the hard work that he is doing.  

The boys have been awesome and real troopers dealing with their waddling-slow moving-almost 38 week preggers-momma!  Last week we made a paper chain to count down til baby Sydney arrives.  We also made a paper chain to count down to our beach vacation.  Oh yes we did.  It's only eighty something days aways, ha, but this way the boys don't ask daily when we are going to the beach.  We are so excited about the beach and cannot wait!!!  

I'm obviously moving slow and spending a lot of time on the couch.  The boys have been so good and really sweet.  They are so excited to meet their baby sister.  We cannot wait to meet this sweet little lady.   I cannot wait to see them meet her and see their reaction to their new baby sister.  Such a sweet, sweet time in our lives and I can hardly sleep I'm so anxious, excited, and thankful!!!

5. Gracie
 I mentioned before that our sweet eight year old dachshund Gracie has recently become blind.  We took her to the vet, who confirmed her vision loss and referred us to a vet ophthalmologist to find out why she's blind.  We had her op visit this morning.  I didn't sleep great and prayed all night and this morning that she would be ok and that we would receive good news.  

After lots of tests and examinations the vet determined that Gracie has SARDS which stands for Sudden acquired retinal degeneration.  It's characterized by sudden loss of vision.  It affects the retina, the part of the eye that helps you see.  Symptoms typically are vision loss with widely dilated pupils and no other obvious ocular abnormalities.  

Honestly this is the best case senario.  We were so worried it could be cancer, cataracts or a tumor causing her vision loss.  Thankfully, she does not have any discomfort or pain and this should not shorten her life span.  She and us will just have to learn how to deal with a dog with vision loss.  

The vet sent us home with info on SARDS and tips for living with visually impaired dogs.  I was glad to hear it's helpful we have another dog.  Annabelle will kinda act as her guide!  We love our four legged babies.  They are such a big part of our family.  I feel so relieved knowing what's going on and can give her the best life we can.  

We were at the eye dr. from 10-1.  The boys did awesome and enjoyed playing with some "new" toys in the waiting room!  They did really good and only got restless right before leaving.  

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