Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Craziness

We had quite the eventful weekend.  Friday and Saturday I participated as a vendor for the boys' preschool Holiday Marketplace.  I was pretty busy all week making hundreds of cookies.  
I made these small round cookies to sell at the show.  They were an easy simple design I could crank out a lot.  

I also did a display of cookies that I have done in the past and customers can custom order. 

I love these Christmas cookies.  I think my favorite is the santa face.  He is definitely my favorite santa face cookie.  

I also love these I did as a sample for a baby shower.  

My table all set up.  This is the first time I have ever done a show like this.  I didn't know what to expect as far as number of people but it seemed like over two days there was a pretty good turn out.  I also had my laptop set up with a slideshow of cookies I have previously done.  I think people really enjoyed seeing the different designs.  

Most of Saturday I was selling cookies at the marketplace while Matt was holding down the fort.  I met up with some girlfriends for a girls night after the marketplace and Matt decided to take the boys to the Spring Hill parade just down the street.  Well after the parade the boys were cold and begging for hot chocolate so they went across the street to get some.  Colton said he had to go potty so off they went to the potty.  Matt was trying to help Colton pull up his pants when his feet came off the ground and he lost his balance and fell face first on the tile floor.  

Matt said he immediately started gushing blood.  He felt so bad and thought he was hurt really bad.  He called me when they got home and I told him to try and clean it up, and put a wet washcloth on it.  He was torn whether he needed stitches or not.  All his teeth were fine but his lip was busted especially right above his lip under his nose.  

I felt so bad for him and couldn't wait to see him when I got home.  My sweet baby boy!  Bless his sweet heart.  

Sunday morning we decided he needed to go to urgent care and get checked out.  The least they could do is clean it up.  The doctor recommend sewing him up to ensure proper healing.  Putting stitches in a three year old is not to the faint at heart, let me tell you.  It took three of us to hold him down while the doctor gave lidocaine, a shot to numb it and apply the stitches.  I hated seeing my baby hurt.  Oh my, I hope we don't have to do that again any time soon.  

Our sweet baby boy with his first stitches.  As you can see he was a sweaty hot mess when it was all over.  I'm just so glad he decided to take him in, Praying now that he heals well with minimal scaring.  

We all took naps when we got home.  And I finished putting out Christmas decorations.  

Hopefully this week will be a lot calmer.  

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