Friday, December 26, 2014

Our Christmas

Since it was our first Christmas in our new house in our new city of Nashville, we decided to have a quiet and simple Christmas this year.  We've always had family at our house on Christmas morning (and we love our family visiting) but this year it was just the four of us.  And it was so nice to relax and not feel stressed about fixing breakfast or entertaining anyone.  It was relaxing and laid back.  

We got the boys up around 8:30 (so thankful they don't wake up at the crack of dawn just yet on Christmas morning ha).  Ryan woke up saying "did Santa come, did Santa come".  The boys ran downstairs and were greeted by their gifts from Santa.  

Ryan was so excited about his marble set he explained "it's what I always wanted".  Love seeing the joy in their little faces.  

Colton was so excited about his doctor kit. He loves it and loves to give check ups to everyone.  Who knows, maybe he will turn out to be a doctor one day.  

Ryan couldn't wait to put together his marble kit.  Definitely his favorite gift this Christmas. 

Matt spent quit a bit of time putting it all together and within 15 minutes Ryan had taken it apart to create his own creation.  That boy is so creative and LOVES creating his own designs and "tracks".  

The boys played ALL MORNING with their new toys.  They were so happy and played so well together.  They both took naps that afternoon and it was nice to spend some quiet time with my honey  while the boys were down.  

I made Pioneer Woman Pot Roast and her amazing mashed potatoes for dinner.  It was all so yummy and everyone enjoyed it.  

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