Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve from the Deepe boys!   Our first Christmas in Tennessee!

Our Christmas Eve included a trip to the gym and lunch as a family afterwards.  Then Ryan helped me make a cookie cake in the afternoon. 

He was such a good helper.  His favorite part was eating the leftover chocolate chips - just like his daddy.  

He LOVES helping momma in the kitchen, especially when it comes to making cookies.  

Our first cookie cake.

We headed to church for the Christmas Eve service.  
The boys did well during the service and enjoyed the music. 

After church we came home for dinner then the boys decorated part of our Happy Birthday Jesus cookie cake to leave out for Santa.  

Ryan got the hang of using the piping bag.  He wanted to put every color sprinkle on his piece.  

The cookie cake turned out great!  We will have to make more of these in the future. 

I made Ryan take his shirt off before eating his cookie so he didn't get any icing on himself.  It had to much stuff on it he couldn't even eat the whole thing.  He left the rest for Santa.  

(Sadly I had to put Colton to bed early because he was throwing a fit at dinner and refused to eat anything.  Total attitude and wouldn't even take a bite of his bbq chicken - which I know he likes.  He kept saying he was tired so I asked him if he wanted to go to bed and he said yes, so I put him to bed.  I hated that he missed out on decorating cookies but I gave him multiple chances to eat and he refused with attitude.)

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