Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas '08

We had a great Christmas this year!  My parents and brother drove up to see us the Tuesday before Christmas!  Besides being stuck behind a bad accident and icy roads with a 3+ hour stand still, it was the best visit yet!  It took them 14 hours (a usual 7 hour drive) to get here!  But once they got here we had an awesome time!  Here are some of the pics from our fun filled Christmas holidays!!!
American Idol for the Wii from my bro!  
I LOVE this game!  So much fun!
Ear warmers from Aunt Lex and Uncle Allen, we got matching sets!
Mom inspecting her gift from Matt!
Annabelle and Gracie wondering if any of those gifts are for them!
Let the festivities begin!
Christmas at my in-laws!
Our present to Isaac!  He's always said he wanted to be Brutus the Buckeye!
The fun "Band in a Drum" present from Steve and Teresa!  
I'm sure we will thank you later for this noisy toy!  That's what Aunts and Uncles are for right!
Matt opening the numerous boxes to get the present from Isaac!  
It was gas-x and beano.  In case your curious... they don't work on Matt!

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