Friday, January 30, 2009

January Snow Day

This week we have gotten about 6-8 inches of snow and about 1/2 inch of ice! Matt stayed home on Wed. b/c it was so bad out and they actually had a level 3 snow emergency with means only emergency vehicles are allowed out and if you are caught on the roads you can go to jail! It was that bad! Surprisingly today (Friday) the roads are still not perfect and alot of the schools are out! The roads are passable but we still have TONS of snow on the ground! Here are some pics of our babies out in the snow! They aren't big fans of the snow but Annabelle did enjoy making tunnels and "playing" in the snow! Gracie watched!

P.S. I only put their sweaters and jackets on when it snows!!! Gracie has really thin hair and sometimes shivers in the house so she gets the sweater when it's really cold out!

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