Monday, November 10, 2014

Our Weekend

 I am still in shock over our exciting news that we are having a baby GIRL!!!!  Someone pinch me!  

We had a somewhat busy weekend.  Saturday morning Ryan had a birthday party for a friend from school.  He was so excited to see and play with all his school friends.  They had the best time running around the park "playing" football!  Ryan has 9 boys and only 2 girls in his class.  The girls are Elsa and Anna - how ironic right, haha!  Ryan loves his friends at school and talks about them constantly.  I am SO thankful for a wonderful preschool and a great school year.  

After the birthday party we headed to Ryan's last soccer game of the season. He did awesome!  I think it was the best I have seen his team play all season.  Ryan had a blast.  

The rest of the afternoon the boys rested while I went shopping.  I seriously couldn't help myself - I have been waiting SO long to go shopping for a little girl.  I was in heaven and totally fell in love his every appliquéd and smocked dress I saw!  And yes, yes I did buy sweet baby girl her first smocked dress!  It's beautiful and it might just be her coming-home-from-the-hospital outfit.  

I also bought these two super soft kissy kissy sleepers.  

And I have a little confession...I bought these adorable outfits this summer in the shear hopes and prayers that we would be having a little girl who would one day wear them.  I got them on a super discount and figured I would just give them as gifts if we were to have another boy.  Oh I was so tickled and excited to pull these out of my closet.  

Daddy's latest saying is "Mt. Bicepious" and then showing your bicep muscles.  The boys thought it was so funny and started copying daddy the other night.  I had to get a picture of them.  So cute.  They are too much!

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