Wednesday, November 19, 2014

22 Weeks and a baby name

So it's been a while since I've done a pregnancy update.  It's funny how things change when it's your 3rd baby.  We are thrilled and so excited for this baby but pregnancy the third time around definitely takes a back burner.  I'm a little busy taking care of two little boys, a husband and two weenie dogs.  

I'm 22 weeks and my belly and our sweet baby girl are growing rapidly.  This pregnancy is moving along.  I am feeling pretty good.  Still doing my group fitness classes at the gym but by 2 o'clock when we get home, I am exhausted and ready to sit down and rest.  

I'm sleeping pretty well.  Baby girl seems to wake every morning when I do.  I'm feeling her movement more and more each day.  I feel her mostly when I sit down.  

I don't have any specific food cravings.  Honestly nothing really sounds good most of the time.  The only thing I can't get enough of are these watermelon flavored sour gummies I found at Kroger.  I've been taking prilosec daily so thankfully I don't have any heartburn.  

Ryan and Colton are incredibly excited and talk about the baby all the time.  They love to put their ear to my belly to see if they can hear the baby.  Colton says he can hear the baby crying.  Ryan loves to tell me how he's going to be a big helper when she comes.  

Baby girl officially has a name.  We've had a girl since before Ryan was born.  

Sydney Deborah 

Her name is Sydney Deborah and we will call her Sydney.  We both fell in love with the name before we even had Ryan.  We've been holding on to it for a long time.  Deborah is after Matt's mom who passed when he was thirteen.  

I ordered these two pretties on etsy a few weeks ago and they came in the mail today. I was soooo excited when I saw them.  They are SO pretty.  The pink one is a long sleeve gown with bow headband and the other is a short sleeve onesie.  I'm obsessed and in big trouble.  Rather Matt is in big trouble.  

We are pretty excited about our sweet baby girl Sydney.  Now we are ready to start counting down til when we meet her.  

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