Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's a.....

I don't even know what to say...  I am still in such a shock.  

Yesterday was my 20 week ultrasound and we found out that we will be welcoming a sweet baby GIRL to our wild bunch come March!!!  

Matt and I both came in saying it was another boy.  That's all we've ever known.  I had prepared myself that we would have three adorable wild boys and that would be great.  It would be crazy but the boys would love having another brother and we know boys!  The life of cars, trains and trucks is our norm and I LOVE it.  

So baby #3...we've been wanting another baby for over a year now and we really wanted and prayed for a girl because that was both of our hearts' desire but ultimately we prayed God would bless our family with another sweet bundle of love.  We have had so much change this year!  It's kinda hard to wrap my head around it. 

We have been so excited about this new little bundle.  I've been praying for a healthy and thriving baby all along.  Going in to our appointment yesterday I just wanted to hear that our baby was healthy and perfect.  

The technician quickly called us back and it was showtime!  She asked us immediately if we wanted to know the gender and we both said "YES!!!"  Matt was saying "it's probably a boy, that's what we know, that's what we do".  

As soon as she put the probe to my belly you could instantly see our baby bouncing and moving around.  What a praise to God!!!  We saw the baby's profile then she moved down to the legs and bottom.  She said "I can tell what it is, can you tell".  Immediately I saw the "girl parts" and started saying "is it a girl, oh my word is it a girl???"  Indeed our sweet little baby is a GIRL!!!! I put my hands to my mouth and about fell off the table!  I had tears of joy!  We couldn't believe it!  I remember just looking back at Matt to see his expression.  He is thrilled and has wanted a little daddy's girl for a while.  

The boys are so cute and very excited about having a little sister.  Ryan has been convinced since day one that she was a girl.  I cannot wait to see them as big brothers and see what they do with a girl.  I know they will love her so much and she will have two big brothers to watch out for her.  

Now it's time to start shopping!!!  This mommy has waited a loooong time to shop for a sweet baby girl!  I love shopping and dressing the boys but i've been told it's a whole new wonderful thing to shop for a girl!  Matt doesn't know what is going to hit him.  The amount of pink, ribbons, and bows will be enough to drive him crazy, ha!  I told my penny-pinching-accounting-hubs that we need to revise the budget pronto!  


Chelley N said...

Congrats! That's great news! Little girls are SO much fun!!!

Kelly M said...

Congratulations! Enjoy those sweet baby girl things. Our sweet girl/boy combo love to match, so be prepared to try to find some girly dinosaurs and trucks! Ha! :)