Friday, October 17, 2014

5 on Friday


I'm linking up again (a little late) for 5 on Friday!

1. That's how you eat a hushpuppy!
Colton and I had a fun lunch on Friday at Uncle Bud's Catfish.  It was yummmmmy!  Colton loved their huge hush puppies.  He was so funny!  I think he ate at least three of them.  They were great and their catfish was awesome!

2. Pumpkin Cookies
I made some fall pumpkin cookies to take to my new MOPS group.  Gotta build up my business here!    They were a big hit and everyone loved them.  I love how people say "wow, and they taste good too".  Love that!  

3. Potty Training Update
So I haven't updated really about Colton's potty training journey.  We did the three day potty training and I'm happy to say he quickly got the peepee down, the poop was another story.  I remember Ryan being the exact same way.  It took a little longer than three day to get number 2 down.  

After about 3 weeks of trying to ease his fear and get him to poop on the potty, he FINALLY got it.  Last weekend he went both Saturday and Sunday (only took about an hour of us sitting in the bathroom) and on Tuesday he went #2 at school!  Wow, big doings!!!  I was so proud of him!  Since then he has gone #2 without us having to sit with him and goes right away on his own.  Hallelujah!!!!  It's so awesome not having any diapers and two kiddos potty trained!  

4. My New Obsession
I picked up this snack randomly at Kroger and I am completely obsessed with it.  I love caramel corn and chex mix and that's exactly what this is, a yummy mix of the two.  I might have eaten the whole bag in two days!  

5.  Family Pictures
We are having family pictures done this weekend.  I am excited and nervous.  The weather should be great!  I'm always nervous that everyone will behave, look at the camera and look good.  My new friend Diane is taking our pictures and I cannot wait to see her magic.  

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