Friday, October 10, 2014

5 on Friday

Whew, today has been a doozy.  I am worn out and headed to bed as soon as I hit 'publish'.  I'm glad to get back into Five on Friday's.  Here is what is going on around these parts!

1.  Annabelle 
Annabelle is our 9 year old mini dachshund who is our first baby.  She is the sweetest dog and we love her so much.  Unfortunately we were not feeling that love last night when she threw up about four times and a few more times today.  After she got sick while we were gone this morning I knew something was wrong.  We don't have a vet here yet but I have a college friend that lives close by who also has mini doxies, so I called her for a referral.  

We headed to the vet this afternoon and I am happy to report that our sweet Annabelle is 100% healthy and fine.  Whew, I was SO relieved.  I was really worried something was really wrong like kidney failure or something like that.  The vet gave her an anti-nausau shot and some meds and sent us on the way.  I can sleep tonight knowing she is just fine and was probably just a tummy bug. 

2.  Homemade Pizza
I've made homemade pizza a few times but I thought today it would be fun to let the boys make their own pizzas.  I gave them each a ball of dough and showed them how to flatten it out.  I added the sauce and they got to add the cheese and toppings.  They LOVED it and had so much fun.  Ryan said at dinner "mommy, do you know who makes the best homemade pizza?  Me"  

3. Scandal
So I am totally late to the party but I started watching season 1 a few weeks ago.  I'm on episode 4 of season 2 right now.  Oh my word I am completely obsessed and want to bing watch for hours.  I might have even wished to be sick in the bed over the weekend just so I can stay in my pi's and bing watch Scandal.  Any other Scandal watchers out there?  

4.  Cinnamon Muffins
Ryan and I made these cinnamon muffins yesterday and they are SO good.  The recipe is from Pinterest.  I will have to post it next week.  

(I had to add this picture.  I had to take the boys to the store with me on Tuesday and it was quit the adventure.  The boys were excited to be my helpers, at least that's how I convinced them to be good.  It was a madhouse and I felt like everyone in the store was staring at us.  But I had to laugh and just enjoy the moment.  Even thought it took my twice as long I know I will look back on these moments and smile and laugh.  They really are so cute.)  

5. Pumpkin Patch
Right now it is pouring rain outside, there are tornado warnings and it rained all. day. long here BUT we are planning to visit the pumping patch tomorrow with some friends.  Matt thinks we will get rained out but I'm determined to not let the rain ruin my perfect pumpkin patch day.  I'm hoping that the storms blow over and we can still go.  

(Another photo I had to add - this cutie pie had school pictures done this week.  He was so handsome and I'm totally loving his new shirt.  I'm thinking the boys will be wearing them for our upcoming  family pictures.)

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