Thursday, October 9, 2014

16 Weeks

So it's been a crazy few months!  Our lives have changed so much in just the last month.  We have sold a house and bought a new house, Matt finished the CPA (hurray that is done, way to go babe and finish strong with an average of 95%), Matt started his new job in his new career and we are joyfully expecting our third little baby.  It's been exciting and stressful!  

We are doing well here in Nashville and still getting settled but it is feeling more and more like home every day.  I LOVE this town and loving our new community.  It has been hard though starting all over with friends, doctors, neighbors, school, even good places to eat though that is the fun part about moving is finding your new favorite restaurants.  

We have always known that we wanted to have three kids.  It's always been something that he wanted and when we had Colton we knew we weren't done.  Many people would ask us if we were done or if we were going to try for a girl and I always said we definitely want another baby but we shall see what God has in store.  We were so heartbroken this past January when I had a miscarriage.  We know that God works for the GOOD of those that love Him and know that it was His plan.  We don't know why, and never will, but we trust Him in his perfect timing.  

The summer of 2014 was just plain stressful!  Matt was studying and taking the CPA, we were trying to sell our home, buy a new home and coordinate a move that we weren't exactly sure was really going to happen.  Even though we had been "trying" I had joked that I would be shocked if we got pregnant before we moved.  

By July I was getting frustrated that I was not pregnant.  I got pregnant with both of the boys right away but these last two times it was taken many, many months.  I know there are people out there that wait for YEARS to get pregnant and my heart aches for you as I know you want more than anything in this world to have a baby.  I cannot even imagine!  

In late July I knew I was a few days late though I was not convinced I was pregnant.  Matt was set to take his hardest CPA in 10 days and I didn't want to stress him out more than he was so I picked up a test at the store and planned to take it Thursday morning.  I took the text and to my surprise the second pink line appeared.  I was ecstatic and beyond thrilled.  I kept the news to myself until after Matt's test then told him that night.  He was equally thrilled and excited.  

Because of my history I have been so nervous this time around.  I saw my Dr. in Cincinnati before we left and he confirmed my pregnancy with an ultrasound and a good fluttering heartbeat. I was so relieved but still cautious.  I set up an appointment to see a new doctor here in Nashville and I saw him at 12 weeks.  I was SO relieved to see a wiggling baby with a strong heartbeat of 147 on the ultrasound.  He said everything looked great and I was measuring right on schedule.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  SO so so thankful!  

I have been feeling pretty good.  I was really tired the first few weeks after we moved.  I'm sure that was from the move itself and from first trimester exhaustion.  The last few weeks I feel my energy somewhat back.  The boys still wear me out and by the time we get home from school I'm ready for a nap.  I don't nap often but I'm definitely doing more resting in the afternoon.  I've only had a few times of nausea and sickness.  A little more than I had with the boys but overall not too bad.  

My next appointment is Nov 5 (I'll be 20 weeks) where we will find out the gender and get an overall health check on the baby.  We are beyond thrilled and excited to welcome this sweet baby into our family in March.  We are hoping for a girl but would be equally blessed with another boy!  God knows ultimately what is best for our family!  We are just praying for a super healthy baby!  

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