Friday, August 15, 2014

Spending Time with Friends

 Our theme this week has been "spend quality time with friends and family".  We had a busy week of play dates and fun lunches.  We went to Kings Island twice this week with our neighbors, Josh and Jake.  

Josh and Jake are also five years old.  All four of the boys get along so well.  Colton of course thinks he is five and tries to do everything like the big boys.  

The three amigos heading to the big train.  

The highlight of both days was riding the big train.  They LOVED it!!!

 Josh and Jake and identical twins and I still can't tell them apart.  I think this is Josh!

The Beetle Bugs is one of the boys favorite rides.  It cracks me up to watch them fly around the corner. 

On Friday Colton rode his first roller coaster - the Great Pumpkin Roller Coaster.  He was a little scared but he liked it once he got it.  

On Friday. the highlight of the day was when they got to meet conductor John and get a tour of the train engine.  They were all in heaven!  Trains are the way to all their hearts. (Colton was intimidated by the big engine, he chose to hang with mommy)

We have enjoyed seeing all our friends over the last few days.  We are going to miss them all so much but we are looking forward to our new adventure.  

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