Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Welcome Home!

 Just like that we have moved to Nashville!!!  Last Saturday the packers came to pack up our entire house and on Monday the movers came and loaded it all onto a "big orange truck", as the boys keep calling it.  

 Our house was full of boxes over the weekend.  

Monday night we "camped" out at our empty house for one last night in our house on Silver Fox Court.  The boys were excited to sleep in their sleeping bags and did awesome.  The movers didn't finish up and pull out until about 9pm so the boys were good and tired after a long day.  Mom and dad were exhausted too!  

Tuesday morning we finished cleaning up the house and loaded our cars with everything left.  We finally hit the road around 11am.  We drove straight to our new house here in Nashville for our finale walk through before closing.  

We stayed in a hotel Tuesday night in Franklin then got up early to go to our house closing.  We decided to hit up Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for breakfast.  It was the boys first visit and they were in donut heaven.  

They stared and watched all the hot donuts come down the conveyer belt.  It was a fun experience for sure.  

And of course we enjoyed some yummy donuts and chocolate mild for breakfast.  

We wrapped it up and headed to the closing.  Our movers called on the way to the new house and said they were ready and waiting.  Talk about perfect timing!  It was HOT and muggy but these guys got started right away and worked their tales off until every last box was in our new house about six hours later.  SO thankful for the Allied guys!  They were so gentle and careful with our stuff and new house.  Would highly recommend them if you are moving local or long distance.  

After they left my fun began with unpacking.  For the first few days I felt I was up to my eyeballs in boxes and packing paper.  It felt like it would never end.  

Slowly we are getting more unpacked.  It's hard when you go from three floors to just two.  We have about the same amount of square foot but we lost our basement so trying to figure out where all that stuff goes is a little challenging.  We are getting there.  Slowly the house is coming together. 

Thankfully I had the kitchen unpacked within a few days.  That was priority.  Matt was tired of eating out but we made a dinner night out to Puckett's in downtown Franklin.  One of our favorite places here.  We are enjoying eating at new local places around town.  

At Puckett's I had this AMAZING chocolate chess pie that was to die for.  It was SOOOO yummy!  

It's been a crazy week but I will say it's all gone very smooth.  Moving is not easy and I don't know if we will ever do it again but I will say it's been good and the boys have been real troopers.  They seem to be adjusting well and excited to explore our new city.  

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Kelly M said...

Congratulations on the move! Moving with little ones is tough, but it looks like things are going really well.