Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ten Months

 Sydney - You are TEN months old!!!

You weigh 18 pounds.
You wear size 3 diaper.
You wear 12 month clothes.

You are an AMAZING eater and you love basically everything we feed you.  You love to feed yourself.  At every meal you love to eat food off my plate and love me to feed her.  You recently had avocado and you loved it.  You love green beans, bananas, peas and carrots and yogurt.  

You are am awesome sleeper.  You go to be around 7pm and get up around 7:30/8:00.  You take your morning nap half the time in your bed and the other half in the car on the go.  You take a good long nap in the afternoon from 2:00-5:00.  

You started crawling at 10 months.  You are all over the place.  I turn my back for a second and you have wondered into the laundry room.  

You are so sweet and pretty easy, unless you are hungry and then you demand to have food, ha.  You had your first ear infection this month.  Thankfully the meds kicked in quickly and you got better after seeing the doctor.  

You are such a joy and have the best personality.  You love when your brothers talk and play with you.  They are crazy about you and hardly leave you alone.  

You have two teeth on the bottom and two top teeth, the ones next to the two front middle teeth.

You are mostly easy to take places.  Even when you are tired you hang in there and stay entertained.  You are pretty easy going and everyone always says how pretty and adorable you are.  I am just so crazy about you!

(Those eyelashes and those lips!!!)

You are such a joy and delight.  You have completed our family and we just couldn't love you more.  You smile so big when your daddy comes in the room.  I hope you will be a daddy's girl.  You are just the sweetest thing and we love you so much!