Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas Time is Here

 Here are a few things that happened in December! 

These two cuties (twins) before church one sunday!  

I'm obsessed with Christmas clothes for Sydney.  They are just too cute and adorable!  

 Sweet baby #3 falls asleep in the car all the time.  Thankful for a baby that sleeps week in her car seat (I was parked in the garage and unbuckled her top clip before I took this pic).  

We packed three Operation Christmas Shoeboxes - two boys and one girl naturally!  The boys had a great time picking out things to go in their shoebox.  

We had lunch with Ryan at school.  We love to surprise him and just show up!  

Sweet baby girl before church on sunday!  LOVE this outfit!

December was a very busy month for my cookie business.  I made about 26 dozen Christmas cookies and five birthday sets.  Whew!  It was crazy and good!  Sydney helping me bake one night in the kitchen - future baker!

Love these sweet boys in their matching pjs!  

 It's a shame Colton has no personality, har!

I took the kiddos to the Brentwood library!  The boys loved it! 

We painted Christmas ornaments for our tree, and gifts for the grandparents!

Check out that amazing Christmas tree.  

  Couldn't love her more! 

Matt went to Cincinnati for the Bengals/Steelers game so me and this chick were left in charge.

Bedtime and storytime.  Ryan getting some sweet time with Sydney.  She is completely enthralled with her brothers and is pretty crazy about them.  She smiles and laughs at them all day long.  I pray these three will always be close.  They love each other so much!

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