Saturday, November 7, 2015

November Happenings

Our November started off great!  Sydney is growing like a weed!   Ryan loves school and Colton enjoyed playing soccer and preschool.  

My parents came for a short visit.  They couldn't wait a few more weeks to Thanksgiving to see Sydney.  

Baby Sydney with her GranDad.  

We enjoyed a nice visit.

Sydney and one of her favorite big brothers.  They are both pretty crazy about each other.  Ryan requests pictures with her all the time.  

Love that beautiful profile!

I sent this picture to Matt saying "can you guess what happened?" Colton got his car stuck in his hair after it says "do not place near hair".  Poor baby!  We managed to get it out with minimal hair cutting.  

Ryan bought his very first toy with money he has been saving from his chores.  He went to the store looking for a car carpet but it was not the one he wanted.  He found this cool build your own track with cars.  It was perfect and he was instantly sold.  He was a little hesitant to spend almost all of his money but he was so proud to buy it with his well earned money.  

He has LOVED it and plays with it ALL the time.  Best toy ever!  

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