Friday, November 13, 2015


I turned 36 on November 13!  It's hard to believe I'm getting closer to 40.  

I told Matt I just wanted a birthday cake from Puffy Muffin!  They have the best cakes!  It was SO good!

It was a good day, especially because of these sweet fellas!

Matt took me out to an amazing birthday dinner at Bakersfield in downtown Nashville.  It's one of my favorites places.  They have THE best tacos and margaritas in town!!!  Yum yum yum!!!  It was a great dinner!

After dinner we hit up the candy store on Broadway and got a few goodies.  We are both suckers for candy.  

Matt found him some tropical necco wafers and I got a caramel apple.  

 And I couldn't leave out these two cutie pies!  They made my dad pretty special.  Love them to the moon and back!  

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