Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ryan's Birthday

Ryan has been counting down to his birthday for some time now.  He could not wait to turn 6!  His birthday was on a monday.  Matt took off work to spend the day with us.   I love that he takes off work on the kids' birthdays.  It means so much to our family!

We started our day by heading to the Pancake Pantry for a yummy birthday breakfast.  The boys were super excited.  

Matt and I have both been to The Pancake Pantry before but this was our first time together.  We had to wait in line but it went really fast.  I had forgotten how amazing are their pancakes.  Melt in your mouth.  

The boys were so excited for chocolate chip pancakes and chocolate milk - that's a lot of chocolate for two little boys!  

After our pancake breakfast we headed to the Adventure Science Center.  The boys went a few months ago with my in-laws when they were in town and the boys talked about it for days.  They were so excited when we told them they were going for the day.  

It's really such a cool place.  I think Matt enjoyed it as much as the boys.  

The highlight of the trip was this water table.  The boys played here for over an hour.  The exhibit is designed to show the blood flow through the body.  It has movable parts that create dams and waterways.  It's really neat and the boys could have played there all day.  

We spent a few hours at the museum then headed home to rest.  

I made Ryan's favorite meal for dinner, Hamburgers, then we had birthday cake for dessert.  Ryan requested a chocolate cake with vanilla icing in blue, red and yellow.  

It was a wonderful day celebrating our big boy.  I am so proud of him and so honored to be his mom!  

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