Saturday, June 20, 2015

Boys' Birthday Extravaganza

We celebrated the boys' birthdays on Saturday, June 20 at Let It Shine Gymnastics in Franklin.  We invited all their preschool friends and they were so excited to run, jump and be wild boys on the day of their party.  

The boys love, love LOVE Legos these days so we decided on a Lego theme this year!  

We had fruit, CFA chicken nuggets, pretzels, juice boxes and of course cupcakes!  

Ryan turning SIX and Colton turning FOUR!

I made Lego cookies for party favors.  I paired the cookies with little Lego kits for the kids to take home. 

Ryan and one of his good friends Nikel.  

Ryan and his sweet friend Anna. 

Britain and Bryce - two of Ryan's good friends from school.  

 The boys had a blast playing with their friends. 

Ryan showing off his moves. 

Ryan had the best time on the bungee.  He was fine as long as his feet would hit the floor.  The two coaches were so funny and did a slap stick routine.  The kids loved it and it was pretty hilarious.  They had the best time.  

Singing Happy Birthday!

 Thirsty...we need juice!!!

 It was a great and fun party and we are so thankful for all of Ryan and Colton's friends that came out to celebrate.  

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