Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sydney is One Month Old

Our sweet Sydney turned one month old last week!  It's hard to believe she is already a month old!  Where has the time gone???  Time needs to slow down!

We had her one month check up at the pediatrician last week.  She weigh 9lbs 7oz,  (55th percentile) and 21.5 inches tall (64th percentile) and head circumference is 35.6cm (15th percentile)
* Ryan was 8lbs 14oz at one month and 22 inches long
* Colton was 9lbs 1ox at one month and 22 inches long

Sydney is growing and developing so well.  She is eating well and growing fast.  She does well with tummy time and holds her head up so well.  She has great head control.  SO thankful for a beautiful and healthy baby girl!

She wakes up once during the night around 3AM then we get up at 6:30AM to start our day.  I'm looking forward to her sleeping through the night., hopefully very soon.  Ryan slept through the night at 8 weeks and Colton 7 weeks.  

Sydney wears size 1 diapers and newborn clothes.  You are quickly growing out of newborn clothes and moving in to 3 month and 0-3 month clothes.  

She sleeps in her bassinet or rock 'n play in our room.  Since our room is downstairs and all the kids are upstairs, she will probably be in our room for a little while.  She takes one nap during the day in your crib.  You sleep pretty good in your carseat but her favorite place is in my arms or the rock 'n play.  

She is in a great eat, play, sleep cycle during the day.  

She loves her rock 'n play and the playmat.  She loves to be held so I've found that I can get stuff done, i.e. laundry, cook dinner, if I wear you in the baby bijorn. I didn't use it much with the boys but I can already tell I will use it more with her.  

Sydney favors Colton mostly but I definitely see some Ryan in her.  I think she will be a good mix of both Matt and I.  

She is a pretty easy baby and I can calm her down pretty quickly.  She has definitely come our of the newborn sleepy stage and more alert during the day.  She loves when the boys come over and talk to her.  

The boys are adjusting well to having a new baby sister.  Ryan is my BIG helper.  He will give her a paci, bring me a bottle or diaper.  He takes the dogs outside for me and feeds them.  Totally huge that he can do so much.  What a gift he is.  Colton enjoys talking to her but doesn't have much interest right now.  

We are over the moon in love with Sydney and beyond thankful for a beautiful and precious baby girl.  I hold you, rock you and snuggle you more since I know you are our last baby.  You are so sweet and love to be snuggled.  

Sweet baby girl completes our family and we could not imagine life without her.  

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