Sunday, April 26, 2015

Catching Up

So this is going to be a picture overload!

We are doing well here but life has been super busy lately!  You can understand right?  Three kids, oh my, it's crazy around here but good.  We are LOVING this sweet, sweet blessing!  Sydney is the best baby and doing really well.  She eats well and sleeps good most of the time.

She eats every three hours during the day and wakes up once in the night to eat around 2 or 3AM.  We wake up at 6:30 to start our day.  I feed her before getting the boys up and ready for school.

I can hardly believe how fast the time is going and how big she is getting.  I hold her more for naps and just enjoy looking at her.  

These two cuties are doing great.  They don't pay too much attention to her right now.  At least one though in the day they will come over and say "hi baby Sydney" and express some interest in her.  It lasts approximately 10 seconds but at least they acknowledge her.

This is her favorite spot (and honestly mine too).  She loves to sleep in my arms.  I can get her to sleep within moments when I pick her up and hold her.  I wish I could hold her all day long.  She is pretty much the whole reason why I've slacked on blogging.  Between feeding, changing, and burping Sydney and taking care of the boys needs I have hardly anytime to get anything done.  

Tax season is finally over!  Hallelujah!!!  Matt has been on vacation for the last week and a half and we have loved having him home!  

I'm so thankful he has spent a lot of one on one time with the boys and gotten to spend some sweet time with Sydney!  We have tackled a lot of projects around the house including hanging stuff in Sydney's room, organize papers, oil change on both cars and clean and organize the garage.  

Matt's Dad and Stepmom came in town last weekend to visit.  They stayed at a hotel close by and graciously offered to take the boys Saturday night!  We were so grateful and the boys had the very best time going to the Adventure Science Center and swimming in the hotel pool.  

Matt and I had a date to Burger Up Saturday night.  Sydney was well behaved and did great.  

Sunday we headed downtown with the boys to Lego Kidsfest at the Music City Center.  The boys are pretty obsessed with legos these days so I knew they would have a blast.  Papau and Yaya joined us for the fun day.  

Love these silly boys!

They had the best time and were in heaven over all the legos and activities. 

One of the highlights was a station where you could building a tower or building then submit it and they would place it on a giant layout of the United States.  For submitting your creation you received a small lego garbage truck kit.  Both boys got one and were thrilled.  

This sweet baby turned one month old this week!  So hard to believe!  I will do her one month post this week!  

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