Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I had plans to blog on Friday and this past Monday but unfortunately our cable and internet were down all weekend until this afternoon.  Frustrating was an understatement.  We missed all our football games.  Boo!!!  We battled with AT&T U-verse to find the problem and get the right technician to fix it.  It was a fiasco to say the least.  Thankfully we are back up and running! 

Saturday Ryan had his first soccer game of the season.  It was H-O-T!!!  Even though it was 10am it was roasty toasty.  He was so excited!  Ryan did well but sadly his team didn't win but they all played so well.  Way to go Blue Racers. 

 The boys finished up a great first week of school.  They both love their new school and are adjusting great to our new schedule.  

I also started my new MOPS group.  I am so looking forward to meeting some new fiends here and plugging in.  I LOVED the group and think it's going to be great.  Everyone was warm and friendly.  They had a pool party on Friday that Colton and I went to.  It was fun!  Colton had a blast and I enjoyed meeting so many moms.  

Such a great week and here's to another good week.

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