Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One Chapter Closes and Another Starts

This past weekend we traveled to Cincinnati.  We had a few things to finish on the house before we closed yesterday.  We picked up Ryan from school on Friday and headed north.  It's such an easy drive.  We made it in 4.5 hours.  

Our first stop for dinner was our favorite - Copper Blue in Milford!  Yum, yum!  

Saturday we got up and headed to the house early so Matt could get to work on taking down the swing set in the backyard.  That was the only thing the owners asked for in the contract.  Thankfully we have some friends with a sweet 18 month old who wanted the swing set.  Awesome!  Done!  Our friend and neighbor helped Matt on Saturday.  

The boys and I headed down to Josh and Jake's house to hang out and see them.  They boys had the best time and loved seeing their friends.  I loved getting to catch up with Melanie!

Saturday night I went out with my girlfriends while Matt took the boys to Skyline.  Win win for everyone!  

Sunday we went to church then met up with the Krafts for lunch.  The boys were so excited to see the Kraft girls.  Ryan had been asking for days when was he going to see Jillian.  

Of course no outings with the Krafts is complete without going to Menchie's for ice cream.  

Love these two cutie pies.  They are missing each other but so glad they got to hang out.  

Sunday night we got to hang out with the Gleason's.  We love, love, love them and we all had the best time hanging out and playing with them.  Ryan's best buddy is Bret and he was so excited to see him. They picked up right where they left off and had the best time playing together.  Matt and I enjoyed catching up with Kevin and Jennifer as well.  It was a great day and night.  We are so blessed with some great friends.  

Our closing was scheduled for Monday afternoon.  In the morning we went to Lifetime (boy do we miss our old gym.  The Y doesn't even compare).  And of course we had to do lunch at CFA with friends.  Good times!

Our closing went so smooth and we are thrilled about the new owners of our home in Loveland.  An actual local celebrity bought our home.  Ken Broo, who does the sports on channel 9, bought our home.  Matt has been watching him since he was a little boy.  Kinda wild and cool to think he will be living in our old home.  

We have officially closed a chapter of our lives.  We no longer own a home in Ohio and the chapter of our lives living in Cincy is closed.  Now it's on to the next chapter.  Even though we have been here for three weeks it really feels like a new chapter.   We are settling in well and we really love it here!  So excited for this new chapter! 

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Courtney said...

That is so cool that Ken Broo bought your house, I grew up watching him too!