Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Potty Training 201

This past weekend was the big 3day potty training for Colton.  He has been ready for months but we held off because of the move.  Our pediatrician recommended waiting til after we move and get settled before potty training.   We do the 3day potty training method around here.  Basically it's no diapers and big boy undies cold turkey.  You get rid of all diapers and talk it up big time about being a big boy using the big boy potty.  You encourage your little one to stay dry and tell them "you tell mommy when you need to go potty".  

Colton and I went to Target on Friday and picked out some big boy undies and I talked it up real big with him.  He was so excited and insists that he is a big boy.  

We started out Saturday morning great.  After a couple hours playing Colton started crying and fussing all of a sudden saying "potty, pee pee, pee pee" (he went pee pee in his pants) so we rushed to the potty and changed him.  He didn't have another accident until Sunday afternoon.  He did great telling me when he had to go and going right away.   

Sunday afternoon he did have a #2 accident and freaked out.  I know with Ryan it took a little longer with #2.  I think it was about a month.  I except Colton to be the same.  For some reason they just have this fear of going #2 on the potty but hopefully he catches on soon.  

I was nervous this morning sending Colton to school for four hours so newly potty trained.  I packed 2 extra undies and pants just in case.  I told him all morning that if he stayed dry all day and didn't have any accidents that we would celebrate with ice cream after school.  Sure enough when I picked him up he was still in the same outfit!  SCORE!!!  So so so proud of him.  We are still doing a pull up at nap and bedtime but he has woken up dry every time except once since saturday.  

We are so proud of him and so glad things are going well in the potty training department.  I was honestly dreading it and even though I knew C was ready I was not looking forward to the whole process.  Of course there have been a few accidents but I wholeheartedly believe in the 3day method and waiting until your child is ready (usually 3 yrs old for boys).  So proud of him and excited to be a diaper free home.  

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