Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday

It's been a good spring break!  Here are some highlights from our week!

1.  Ryan has his very first soccer game tomorrow!  I might be more excited than he is.  I'm just hoping he doesn't stand around picking the grass.  

Ryan told me today that he didn't need to practice any more.  I told him he still has practice and will have a game each week.  He then told me he didn't need to practice, he knew it all already.  Silly boy!  I told him there is always room for improvement!

2.  I made these adorable woodland creatures for my sweet friend Monica.  Her little guy Daniel is turning one this weekend.  The raccoon is my favorite!


3.  The boys have requested a train birthday party this year so I will probably be making more of these this summer!  I'm not a huge Thomas fan but they turned out super cute!

4.  I have been super eager to pack up my winter closet and bust out all the spring clothes.  I moved all the boys spring clothes to the front of the closet last weekend and plan to put my big sweaters away this weekend.  

The boys are pretty set in their spring/early summer wardrobes.  Most of their stuff from last summer still fit so we are going with it.  I think that means my clothing budget gets a little extra fluff.   ha!  I was shopping online the other night and found these little pretties.  

I love the tank dress and think it will look fab with a denim jacket.  Love, love the sam edelman's sandals!  I have them in coral/pink and love them. 

5.  And this little cutie pie is feeling so much better.  He is back to eating normal again and been so playful and fun.  So glad everyone is well again!  Oh and this is Quack Quack and he is a C's very best friend.  He doesn't go anywhere without QQ.  

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