Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Matt's First Father's Day

Sunday we celebrated Matt's first Father's Day! Unfortunately I wasn't able to do a whole lot for him since we just came home a week ago from the hospital but Ryan did get him an adorable card and Matt just loved it!

We had a busy weekend! My parents were here helping out and Matt's sister Erin got married on Saturday! Ryan and I didn't go to the wedding but Matt was able to go! We opted out since Ryan wasn't even a week old yet and the wedding was 60 miles away, an outside ceremony in 95 degree weather!

Here's Matt giving Ryan his first bottle! I wasn't producing near enough food for him (he went from 6 lbs 8 oz at birth to 5lbs 10 oz at 3 days old) so the pediatrician had us supplement with formula! He was back up to 6lbs on Sat. We were so relieved and glad our little man is growing!

Matt was so excited to be able to feed him!
Can you tell he is a proud Daddy!


Kelly M said...

Oh Summer! I hope you're able to get some rest! It sure seems like you've got a sweet boy there.

Travis and Amber said...

I don't want you to doubt your pediatrician (but honestly some of them just don't know much about breastfeeding) but you're actual milk doesn't come in until 3 days so it doesn't surprise me he lost that much at day 3. Have you seen a lactation consultant? Jacks lost almost a whole pound too, and it was because he wasn't latching on correctly. Once we got that fixed, there was not problem. Don't forget that if you don't feed Ryan every time he needs to (and instead give him a bottle) you're body will never know to make more milk. OK I'll get off my soap box now and tell you Ryan is adorable!! Congratulations! You're donig great!!!!