Monday, June 1, 2009

37 weeks and sympathy pains?

Today I had my 37 week doctors appointment!  My bp was 140/80, not great but not bad either.  The good news is my blood work from Saturday call came back normal which my doc was very happy about.  The bad news, there was more protein in my urine today than there was last week.  Since pre-eclampsia is progressive my doctor is a little worried that I could be developing pre-eclampsia and has ordered another 24 hour urine sample and more blood work. So I go back on wednesday to see her and get the results of my tests!  No change in dilation today, still just 1cm!  I told Matt we need to start walking at night and get things going more!  I'm ready for this baby to come out but I know it's just a waiting game right now!  

Apparently on Saturday Matt must have felt bad for me.  He sees me waddling around and knows I'm getting more uncomfortable!  He was working out in the yard and noticed the gutter on the side of the house was a little pinched at the bottom so he stuck his hand in about an inch and seconds later had horrible pain.  He said something stung or bit him!  We go outside and look in the gutter to find a wasps nest inside.  He had been stung but who knows how many times and we couldn't see where he was stung.  It didn't start to swell just hurt really bad.   Last night Matt went hunting for the benadryl I thought was in the cabinet but failed to find it.  I told him not to worry I would pick some up at the store today.  

Well he woke up to this:


I was in shock when he showed me his hand!  I told him he couldn't wait for me to get the benadryl, he needed it now, before he went back to work.  He got some and took it.  Once back to work he ended up going to the clinic there and they think it's infected and gave him some antibiotics and sent him home telling him to keep it elevated.   Poor baby is tired and resting now!  

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Kelly M said...

Oh wow! That's amazing. I hope the benadryl worked quickly!