Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving in Memphis

We had a great Thanksgiving this year!  We were in Memphis last week to spend the holiday with my family!  It was nice to be home and see everyone!  My brother's birthday is this Thursday and I decided to make him a cake while home!  It was a yellow cake with chocolate frosting!  It turned out great and very yummy!  Good thing I only had one piece and left the rest in Memphis!  No need to pack on any more pounds than I already will!  

These are my adorable cousins (they are my first cousins kids)!  Ali, Will and Julie!  
They were too cute taking this picture and were hamming it up pretty well!  

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bluememphismama said...

It was good to run into you this weekend, even if we weren't able to talk for long. I love your cakes. Congratulations again!