Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby's First Picture

Yesterday we were thrilled to have an ultrasound and see our precious baby!  It's so amazing and unbelievable seeing that tiny miracle on the screen and knowing that's going on inside you!  The best was when we could see the baby move!  Just awesome!  I am 13 weeks right now and still feeling pretty good!  I'm feeling my lower abdomen beginning to get bigger and poke out now, especially after I eat a big meal!  I can't wait to feel the baby move but that is still weeks away!  The technician took measurements of the baby and my dr. will go over them at our next appt. in Jan.  It was such a relief and awesome feeling to see our tiny miracle yesterday!  We pray every day that God will continue to grow and nourish our sweet miracle into a healthy baby!  
Here you can barely see it's little legs are crossed!

Don't ask me what the other ones are b/c the tech went so fast we didn't get a chance to remember all she said!  


Kelly McPherson said...

Oh Summer and Matt, what precious photos of your little one! Summer, I hope you're feeling well. I really like the photo at the top of your blog too. So cute!

Summer and Matt said...

Thanks so much Kelly! Hey, I need your address so I can send you your Christmas card! Loved reading our your amazing experience in Africa!