Monday, July 6, 2015

Boys Check ups

The boys had their 4 and 6 year old appointments in July!  It's hard to believe they are getting so big so fast.  

 Ryan is growing so well.  He is starting Kindergarten in August and he is SO ready.  He will be in school all day this year.  It's a big step.  At his six year check up he weighs 43lbs (33rd percentile) and 47 inches tall (77th percentile).  He is one tall and skinny boy.  He is super smart and loves to build and play with legos.  He is so imaginative and loves to read books.  

I can hardly believe Colton is four!  How did that happen?  He is so funny and so expressive.  Colton's speech is getting better and clearer every day.  I can understand him now 98% of the time.  He is so funny, I just love his personality.  

At his four year check up he is 31lbs (10th percentile) and 39 inches tall (11th percentile).  He is my little peanut and always has been.  He has become a little picky the last year or so but will also surprise us and eat a ton or eat a big variety.  He will be in the four year old preschool, three days a week this year.  He is excited about starting school in September. 

The boys are growing so much and are pretty crazy about their baby sister.  They tell everyone they meet about their baby Sydney.  It's pretty cute.  They are the best big brothers and shower her with kisses and love all the time.  

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