Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Babies, Valentine's and Races

This weekend we ventured to Babies "R" Us to register for baby stuff!  It was super crowded and LOTS of pregnant ladies "waddling" around!  We were there for over 3 hours!  I must confess we stood in front of the diaper pails for at least 10 minutes discussing which pail would be odor resistant and cost effective!  So many choices to make!  I loved looking at all the baby stuff and can't wait til my shower!  
Saturday night we celebrated our last Valentine's Day as just the two of us at J.Alexander's!  Both Matt and I had been there before but never together!  It was super delicious and me and the baby enjoyed it!  It was nice to have a romantic night just the two of us!
Is anyone else excited about the start of another season of THE AMAZING RACE?  This is my favorite reality show and the one I would most want to go on!  Matt and I decided we couldn't do it b/c we are both scared of heights! haha too bad!  I am excited about this season and can't wait to follow the contestants around the world!


Travis and Amber said...

Isn't registering so much fun? I'm sure you did a great job. I will tell you my all time favorite things that I could not live without though...A video monitor. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MINE!! I actually have a camera on both boys and can watch them at any time when they are in their beds. I also have the Angelcare motion sensor monitor for Wil. It goes off when or if they stop breathing. It occasionally goes off when he rolls to the tip top of the bed, but I sleep much better with that thing. You must get a bouncy seat too. And as for the diaper pail, get a diaper champ, I've had two different ones that take regular garbage bags and it is better. Also I am SO Excited about the Race. Travis and I would love to go on it but I could never leave my babies!

Summer and Matt said...

Thanks so much for the advice Amber! I need all the "baby wisdom" I can get! I loved registering, so much fun! Glad to hear that about the diaper champ, that's the one we went with! Can't wait to get everything!