Monday, June 11, 2007

What a Wonderful Weekend!!!

Wow! What an amazing weekend we had! My parents drove up from Memphis to visit for the weekend! Amazingly enough they left early on Friday morning about 6:30! Unfortunately even though they got a head start they ran into some trouble on I-71. They were detoured off the interstate and sat in traffic for 2 hours! They ended up having to meet up in Williamsburg at Matt's Uncle Steve's house. (Matt and I were participating in his wedding this weekend and we had to be at the rehearsal dinner at 6pm) Finally we met up with the fam and went to the church to start the rehearsal. Steve's fiance' Teresa (now his new wife, woohoo) had alot of family in town that we got to mingle with. We ate chicken, pork chops, fruit, tea cookies and cake, yummy!!! Then we played some cornhole! It was a great time had by all! I think my family really enjoyed being out there and meeting new folks. After we got home Friday night of course we stayed up way too late gabby and catching up! And of course playing with the pups! Annabelle and Gracie just loooove my family!!!

Saturday started early with going to breakfast at Mimi's Cafe'! We were tired of course but enjoyed the yummy food and fellowship! After we ate breakfast Mom and I had to head out to 'burg and get my hair done for the wedding! We hung around Steve's until it was time the take pics. The photographer was late and so we got started taking pics about 2:30....they lasted til 5:30, just 30 min. before the wedding was to begin. He was cutting it a little too close! I'm hoping that Matt and I got some good pics out of it too! I will post some tonight! The wedding was beautiful and just right! The reception was a blast! I think I had more fun than I thought I would! The food was awesome! We mingled with many guests that Matt basically new from practically growing up in 'burg. Plus I got to meet and see some people that traveled down for our wedding last year! My parents enjoyed it and were so happy for Steve and Teresa! We danced, ate too much cake and just partied the night away! We finally made it home about 12:00 or so and we were beat! We all pretty much crashed!

Sunday I got up about 10 to fix breakfast! Kris my mother-in-law came over and we all went to Homarama! It's a home show here is Cinci with multi-million dollar homes! These homes were truely amazing, jaw dropping... almost over the top! It was alot of fun but very, very exhausting! We were soooooo tired when we got home about 5:30 Sunday afternoon! We ate at Montgomery Inn last night for dinner, which is always a treat and very scrumptious!

My parents left this morning and are heading back to Memphis! I think they had a great weekend, just a little exhausted and very tired! Matt and I will hopefully recoop this week and I'm sure we will be ready for the weekend to get here! I think this was one of the best weekends we've had in a long time! It was truely a wonderful weekend had by all!


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