Monday, June 18, 2007

The Amazing Race!

Saturday Matt and I participated in Loveland's Amazing Race! It's a race based on the reality tv show The Amazing Race. I LOVE the show and I am a huge fan. Unfortunately, the race was alot harder than I thought it was going to be however we still had fun! We didn't start until 12:30 so it was already super hot outside and we only had about 4 teams behind us so we didn't have much competition. There were 20 events that we either biked or ran (mostly walked) to. It was alot more running involved than I had inticipated! You know on the show they don't run that much, it's mostly just sprints to the finish line but the other time is driving and doing the detours and road blocks! I was proud that we only got upset with each other once, when we were trying to canoe. Let's just say Matt and I will not be going canoeing anytime soon! Our time was 2 hrs, 44 min. which I felt was not that bad! We weren't the slowest team but not the fastest either! It was fun but I am totally exhausted and sore from it all! Saturday night we decided it was a much needed hot tub night so we went out to Matt's Uncle's house and soaked in the hot tub for a little while! It actually helped us feel better! Maybe we will have to invest in our own one of these days!

Sunday we tried to take Matt's Grandpa to breakfast but since he suffers from Dimentia it was to no avail. My heart breaks for him and I think the change in his usual routine was too much for him! We had dinner at my in-laws house which was very nice. My mother-in-law is an awesome cook. She needs to give me lessons , I'm not a good cook! It was a nice evening and good fellowship.

We leave for vacation next week and can't wait! Our vacation is in celebration of our 1 year wedding anniversary! WOOHOO! We are sooo excited and looking forward to having time off work and just getting away and relaxing! We will miss our little baby doxies of course, but they will be in good hands and get lots of lovin!


Kelly Eskesen and Carrie Sibold said...

Summer, sounds like you all are keeping busy! Where are you going on vacation? I hope you have a great time!

Leah said...

Yes, where are you going??