Monday, October 12, 2015

Wedding Weekend

This weekend we traveled to Cincinnati to celebrate the wedding of Matt's cousin Isaac to his childhood sweetheart Stacey.  

We left bright and early Friday morning and arrived in Cincy around lunch time.  The kids traveled well and Sydney only fussed a little.  

My in-laws watched the kiddos for us Friday night while Matt and I went to the rehearsal dinner.  Matt was a groomsmen in the wedding.  

Isaac in all his groomsmen.

The rehearsal dinner was held at Montgomery Inn Boathouse.  They are famous for their Ribs and BBQ.  It doesn't compare to Memphis bbq but it was good!  We really enjoyed catching up with family and getting to know new friends.  It was such a fun evening and we are so thankful to Papau and YaiYai for watching the kiddos.  

Matt's Uncle Steve, his cousin Isaac and Aunt Teresa. 

This was my view on the way to the wedding!!!  The wedding was at 5:30 so we left my in-laws house just after 4:00.  I guess the traveling the day before and staying up late chatting while sharing a bed caught up with the boys.  

The wedding was in this beautiful Catholic Chapel.  We were running late so we took a set in the very back of the church.  It worked out perfect because we could see well, the boys were entertained with iPhones and I had a quick exit with Sydney if needed.  

Thankfully the boys did awesome and were very well behaved.  Sydney did great as well.  I was so nervous taking three kids to a wedding but again Papau and Yaiyai to the rescue taking care of the boys and Sydney drank a bottle and stayed entertained people watching.  

The most handsome guy at the wedding with the prettiest girl!  Love these two adorable cuties!

LOVE love this picture of Matt and Isaac.  Definitely a framer!

And there's the bride.  They are headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon.  I'm super jealous and wish we were planning a 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii but I'm not banking on that happening.  Boo =(

This sweet princess fell asleep during the reception just like I hoped she would!  She slept through dinner, hallelujah!  She did great the whole time and only fused a little before dozing off.  

Then Papau was in charge of entertaining her.  Love this pic of these two.  

It was a fantastic weekend and we had a blast!   
Congrats to Isaac and Stacey on a beautiful wedding and God bless in your new marriage!  

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