Monday, August 10, 2015

Ryan's First Day of Kindergarten

 How did we got here this fast???  

It seems like yesterday this boy was just a little baby!

Ryan has been so excited about Kindergarten!  He has asked all summer when does he start kindergarten and when can he ride the bus.  

His first week of school was only Monday, Wednesday and Friday and only from 8:30-1.  Ryan LOVED it and had the best time.  It was a nice way to ease into a full school schedule.  

The second week of school he will go all day with all the kids.  He goes from 8:30-3:35 every day.  He will catch the bus at 8:05 and get off the bus at 3:55.  He is super excited about riding the bus.  I'm a little nervous and just pray he makes it on the right bus to come home!  

In just a couple years this other handsome fella will join his big brother at the same school.  

Ryan has an awesome teacher this year and I think she is going to be so great for Ryan.  She's thorough and kind.  He seems to have a great class and I can't wait for him to develop those friendships with his peers.  

I couldn't wait to pick him up on the first day and hear all about his day!  

 I am so proud of this little guy!  He is SO ready for Kindergarten and he is going to rock it this year! I am so excited for him and look forward to watching him thrive!  

Shine brightly little one!  

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